Conductor Jordan Randall Smith, Cellist Dmitry Volkov, and Musicians of the Peabody Conservatory have released "Rhapsody: Music for cello and Orchestra" on iTunes. Jordan leads the world premiere of the Andrew Boss Cello Concerto.

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Download the Andrew Boss Cello Concerto on "Rhapsody: Music for Cello and Orchestra" on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon

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Welcome to the official website of conductor Jordan Randall Smith. Jordan is a conductor, percussionist, vocalist, composer, writer, and music educator in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Music Director of Symphony Number One, Jordan is a passionate performer of classical repertoire, contemporary genres along with an appreciation for broadway, jazz, rock, and pop. was the founder and Artistic Director of the Dallas Festival of Modern Music and serves as a cover conductor with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Jordan previously served as Gr. Asst. Conductor of the Peabody Opera Theater. Read Jordan's résumé.

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Frenetic, Psychological, Dramatic, Uber-Expressive! Bene!
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Ars Nova Dallas, Artistic Director Jordan Randall Smith, and 2012 Winner of the Dallas Festival of Modern Music's Composition Competition Jeremy Beck were recently featured in an article by the Courier-Journal. In the video, the Jordan conducts Beck's "In Flight Until Mysterious Night" at the 2012 festival.

Watch the video below or read the article: