G. Schirmer has announcted today that it had acquired rights to the complete Florence Price catalogue worldwide. At this time, many of Price’s compositions are now listed on Schirmer’s site.

G. Schirmer President Robert Thompson confirmed the acquisition on Twitter:

Previously, the University of Arkansas was managing all engraving, production, and distribution in-house. Price’s papers are all housed at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Price was born in Little Rock.

Reached for comment, Emmy Award-winning University of Arkansas Professor James R. Greeson said of the deal: “It is gratifying to witness the growth of interest and support for the music of Florence Price. I hope this new business agreement with Schirmer will promote the recent dissemination of her lovely music and lead to more recordings and performances of her 'lost' creations.” Greeson is a composer, Jazz musician, and documentarian with close ties to various University of Arkansas projects aimed at promoting Price’s music.

Many skeptics have taken to Twitter to question the publisher’s view, among them American music scholar Doug Shadle:

Curious persons looking to sample Price’s music can start with the following playlist:


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Jordan Randall Smith is the Music Director of Symphony Number One.