In October 2017, I had the privilege of giving a TED Talk and leading Symphony Number One in a performance at TEDxMidAtlantic 2017 in Washington, DC. My talk was titled Classical Music is Boring. (Turns out, there's more to "boring" than meets the eye!)

We also gave the world premiere of Ben Goldberg's Catalyst.

The official video and complete text will go up later this year, but embedded below is the original live feed, in which my talk is the first segment.

I was also gratified to learn that my talk received a bit of coverage in the Huffington Post. Contributor Liz Wainger even went so far as to write, "My favorite was Jordan Randall Smith..." in her piece, "The Amazing Superpower of a Great Metaphor."

Here are some great photos from the TEDx team:

Lastly, here is the accompanying slide deck.

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Jordan Randall Smith is the Music Director of Symphony Number One.